Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's try again.

Ok. So. Let's try with this blogging thing again.

Harris's birthday is in 3 wks and I havent even begun to start planning for his 2nd birthday party! Leave it to me to procrastinate until the 11th hour!! Harris has grown up so fast! Yesterday, I was bringing him home from the hospital.... Today, he is talking in almost complete sentences! Wonder, how that happened all in 24hrs???

LC is loving 4k! His teacher is wonderful! He can write his name, all letters (i think), and most numbers! LC has this funny habit. He does the "thumbs up" motion a lot... like.. a lot.. Its almost like a tic... Just another one of those benign kid things that have us parents pacing the floors worried something is wrong with our kid... lol!

Big Clayton FINALLY got his MBA from Clemson... So, he is D O N E with school *WOOT WOOT* He's still crazy for his motorsports..

Me, well, I'm trying this whole eating healthy thing..... I'm currently on a "green" drink diet. It consists of Kale, banana, ground flax seed, honey, and rice milk. It is yummy. Even BC drinks one for lunch! My friend Kristi has inspired me to try to eat more plant based food, although, Im sure I won't be hardcore, I can certainly be better!!

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