Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aunt Marilyn..

This was written by my sister.. It was beautiful, so I'm copying a pasting to my blog.

Aunt Marilyn
Ok. I am 41 (and a few months) old. I have a very good memory. One of my earliest memories is from when I was only 18 months old!!! Crazy I know, but my mom has verified that this memory was real. So, I said that to make a point. There is not one time in my life that I do not remember my Aunt Marilyn being there. Well, maybe she wasn't, physically, in every single event in my life, but I always KNEW she was in my life. I still know she is in my life. I would venture to say that close to half of my childhood memories include her and/or her family. She is my only aunt that lives in SC.
I remember going to her apartment in Easley. I remember throwing up in the back of her Pinto on the way to Alabama. I always wanted to cross my eyes like she did (I still can't!). She and I always had the same sense of humor and the same stubborn opinionated attitudes about a lot of things in life. She is the one that turned me on to Dr. James Dobson's radio show-when I was a young teen. It was with her that I got to see Ronald Reagan in real life! She is the best seamstress I know (even though my mom was a close second back in the day). She was one of the first to see my first child and lovingly put a warm blanket over me when I was having the shivers after giving birth. Even though I told her I wasn't cold! Then, when Brandon was about two she rode in the back seat with him all the way to Alabama and back. She let him play with her makeup! Boy did he have fun! And so did she. I inherited her love of babies. ALL BABIES! I didn't really know that I had inherited it until after I had my own and they started to grow up. I now understand. I really don't think I could ever get too much of my Aunt Marilyn. I just love being around her. Needless to say, I love, love, LOVE my Aunt Marilyn!
Sadly, yesterday, she was diagnosed with cancer. It is really bad. I won't go into much detail. Just that yesterday the family was told to prepare for hospice. On the brighter side, today has been better so far. There is reason to believe that it isn't time for hospice. There may be options. We believe, that because she has been prayed for incessantly since her diagnosis, that this is the reason for the better report today.
I am asking for more prayer. Please join us in prayer for my precious aunt, her husband (My Uncle Bill-who is also very special to me), her 4 daughters (Abbye,Meredith, Heather, and Heidi), and their families. This is a very difficult time for them. And also for her 3 siblings and extended family.
The power of prayer is not lost on our family. We truly understand that with GOD all things are possible. We also understand, that while it may be hard to do, we give thanks to HIM in every aspect of our lives.
Thank YOU LORD, for my Aunt Marilyn and the godly life she lives. Thank You for putting her in MY life. I am a better person for knowing her and being loved by her. Thank You for this trial for we know YOU know best.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Harris.

So, I delayed this weeks entry in hopes of getting some decent pics of Harris's birthday party, but since our camera died (sigh) and the one person who took photos is in Mexico, I decided to just blog with what I have...

Today is Harris's actual birthday, he is Two...sigh. We had a party here on Saturday. It was a "put-together-in-3days-spur-of-moment-party" Luckily, Everyone could come with the exception of BC's parents.. It was a blast! We rented a bouncy house for all the boys to enjoy. We are very greatful for such wonderful family and friends who always make these events so fun!!

Both boys are finally getting over yet another bout of upper resp infection.. Ragweed season is in full force and doesn't treat my kiddos very well! LC missed all week of school last week, but is back now... PTL!!

On a funny note..... I just got finished texting a friend and we were so tickled at the things that get us excited these days. Last night, we were so serious talking about how much we love the smell of Pine Sol; how it should come in a spray bottle, and maybe we should pitch the "PINE SOL" scent idea to Yankee Candle... Sad! Maybe we should get out more! Ahh.. the life of a mom! Gotta Love it!

Monday, October 11, 2010


TGIM... Thank goodness it's MOndaY!

The weekend was packed full of fun and delicious time with BC and the kiddos. I had the best time Saturday evening and as a bonus ... a tiny bit of time with one of my closest friends Sunday.

LC is home sick (again) today, the same respiratory infection he gets 2xs a month during the fall... sigh.. All will be well, soon!!

Harris turns 2 in one week.. His party will be here Saturday. Looking forward to him blowing out his 2 candles. Still can't believe he is almost 2!!!!! Sooo Surreal!

On a totally different note: I finally got a new Droid last week. I begged and begged for it. So, BC obliged (hesitantly).. Needless to say, I'm back to my old school BB Tour! Just couldn't handle all the idiosyncrasy of the Droid! Maybe next year! So glad I tried it.. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known that I really didn't want or need it! Figuring it out as we go.....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh how I love Mondays! It is the day of the schedules...and routine. After our crazy hectic weekend, we were all in need of structure!

We went on a whirlwind trip to Pigeon Forge (Smokey Mountains). Other than Harris not sleeping ( a pack and play will not do, neither will sleeping with us :/), we had an incredible time!

We spent the day at Dollywood Theme park... the most beautiful park I have been to.. (I was pleasantly surprised!!)

LC rode any and every ride he was tall enough to... and I will just say, the kid is braver than his Mama!!
The boys had a blast! Lots of things for kids to do and ride..... My cheeks still hurt from smiling and laughing while watching the joy in their precious faces!!! Simply yummy!!

Also.. LC learned how to swim (kinda) in the hotel pool!

I still question why LC will do all these brave things, but is still afraid of that darn gymnasium buzzer that paralyzes him at the soccer games??? .....Figuring it out as we go... I guess:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010


My reluctant soccer player! Go #13!
So...LC "plays" indoor soccer. I put "play" in quotes, because he stands in the center and looks around until the starting *LOUD* buzzer goes off! Then, he runs to me with his hands over his ears and refuses to go back in. I'm frustrated and can't figure out why MY child is so sensitive to these sort of things. On a positive note, he did attempt to get in at every quarter , but he kept his hands over his ears and stood in one place before he ran to the stands back to me. Kudos to the coach for being supportive
Figuring it out as we go..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My life in a nutshell:

Living a Christ like life. I definitely fall short, but I try to live my next day better than the last.

Devoted to my husband. I strive to be the best wife I can.

Raising polite and well mannered young men.

My children"s health. I monitor everything (well almost everything) that goes into their mouths.

Skin care! Always on that quest for the miracle "ant-aging" cream, lotion, serum...etc! Ridiculous...I know!

The next diet craze


Texting :)


This is a "Lunchable" meant for a childs school me out here. How is this Lunch?? I suppose all the food groups are present...but I dare to venture a guess that not one bit wholesome! Scary!


4k class(his teach and friends) field trip to Callaham orchard! We had a blast!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Let's try again.

Ok. So. Let's try with this blogging thing again.

Harris's birthday is in 3 wks and I havent even begun to start planning for his 2nd birthday party! Leave it to me to procrastinate until the 11th hour!! Harris has grown up so fast! Yesterday, I was bringing him home from the hospital.... Today, he is talking in almost complete sentences! Wonder, how that happened all in 24hrs???

LC is loving 4k! His teacher is wonderful! He can write his name, all letters (i think), and most numbers! LC has this funny habit. He does the "thumbs up" motion a lot... like.. a lot.. Its almost like a tic... Just another one of those benign kid things that have us parents pacing the floors worried something is wrong with our kid... lol!

Big Clayton FINALLY got his MBA from Clemson... So, he is D O N E with school *WOOT WOOT* He's still crazy for his motorsports..

Me, well, I'm trying this whole eating healthy thing..... I'm currently on a "green" drink diet. It consists of Kale, banana, ground flax seed, honey, and rice milk. It is yummy. Even BC drinks one for lunch! My friend Kristi has inspired me to try to eat more plant based food, although, Im sure I won't be hardcore, I can certainly be better!!