Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh how I love Mondays! It is the day of the schedules...and routine. After our crazy hectic weekend, we were all in need of structure!

We went on a whirlwind trip to Pigeon Forge (Smokey Mountains). Other than Harris not sleeping ( a pack and play will not do, neither will sleeping with us :/), we had an incredible time!

We spent the day at Dollywood Theme park... the most beautiful park I have been to.. (I was pleasantly surprised!!)

LC rode any and every ride he was tall enough to... and I will just say, the kid is braver than his Mama!!
The boys had a blast! Lots of things for kids to do and ride..... My cheeks still hurt from smiling and laughing while watching the joy in their precious faces!!! Simply yummy!!

Also.. LC learned how to swim (kinda) in the hotel pool!

I still question why LC will do all these brave things, but is still afraid of that darn gymnasium buzzer that paralyzes him at the soccer games??? .....Figuring it out as we go... I guess:)


Kristi said...

So glad you guys had a good time! The boys look adorable!!!

bngsmom said...

For a split second I thought that was me sitting at that table with BC's mom. Then I remembered that I am not that skinny any more! BOO HOO...